Saturday, October 27, 2012

Working With Different Colored Brain

In my life, as an employee I have some difficulties to work with people. Especially my superior. Once in a while, I have a good idea. For example, working in a company where training is part of our bread and butter, I do think that to upgrade the HRDF status of the company is important. We were at class C at that time. What stopping us to upgrade to class B was the TTT. Being a subsidiary of a University, we don't have trainer that parked under our payroll, which is one of the requirement of class B and of course to upgrade to class A we need to have 2 trainers.

Since we don't have any trainers inside the company (we outsource from our parent company most of the time), I proposed to my CEO to send me to the TTT course. I begin to explain why we need this to him. The result - he don't agreed. It is a five days course and there bound to be some problem if I leave the company for 5 days (and I realized how important I am to the company).

Frustrated, I just went back into my room and start talking to other colleagues. They were all agreed with me but somehow the boss just couldn't see.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Your focus will determine what you see

I remembered my first car was bought in 2002 by my dad. It was a Proton Saga Iswara. I remembered how excited i was then. As I drove the car and my dad sitting next to me, suddenly while we saw so many similar cars on the road. We were thinking, is this the most selling car on Malaysia? They were not there before but after purchasing the car only we noticed this phenomena.

What actually happened? It is the Reticular activating system in our brain. It functions like an antenna to detects whatever we focus on. In this case since we just bought this new car, the antenna is activated and suddenly we see it anywhere.

The Fundamental of Directive Communication

Today is the Eid Celebration. Hari Raya Aidiladha - or Hari Raya Qurban. Qurban means sacrifice. Today I have sacrifice my time with my family to celebrate the Eid, instead I signed-up for an interesting course: Train the Trainer - Colored Brain Communication Facilitator Certification

What did I learn today?

The Foundation of Directive Communication.

How Your Environment Affects You
In communication, how you act will determine how people re-act on you. Have you ever been in a situation where you talk nicely to a nice people. How will he/she reply the conversation?
Of course in a nice manner. On the other hand, have you ever talk to someone in a negative manner. What type of reply did you get? Negative, of course. This simple illustration explains how you act to your environment determine what are the response you get.
> If you don't like how people treat you - Change Strategy. Change The Way You Communicate!

The Concept of Hero and a Villain
If you love to watch movies, in any movie there will be a hero. So, what do hero basically do? The hero always is the one who saves the day. But if you go one step further, what makes him saves the day and being called as a hero?