Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creating a Cool Working Environment

Have you ever feel during your first day in a new company that you are so motivated. You see all good things and you started to say to yourself you will contribute to this company. You will use all of your expertise to ensure your contribution will bring this company to the next level. You wanted to do all the good things to the company.

2 years later - you started to see that you hands and legs are tight. You have so many ideas to make sure the company can grow, but somehow, the environment just don't allow you to do so. The boss doesn't allow you to do certain things which you are super confident that the things will bring so much benefit to the company. The policy does not allow you to do it. Your friends seems does not understand what you are trying to do. Or if they do understand, they themselves can't do anything. So you go with the flow! At one point they give you clear direction, but when you wanted to do something align with the direction, it seems that everything is not possible.

Have this ever happened? 

I've been working with 4 different companies. And guess what? All the companies operate the same way! Why is this so? 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Focus will determine what you'll see

I am so touched that recently there are so many people that really wants to see me succeed. It does not happened once, or twice. But it were in series. One after another. How could this happened?

Reticular Activating System (RAS) - the antenna inside our brain (by the way, this is metaphor) that makes us pay attention to the things that we focus. And if we put more of our focus, then only we can see such things happened around us.

The principle of Law of Attraction makes tells us that if what we focus on will expand! This is exactly what it is. Once we started to focus on good things, more of it will occur and because of our RAS is activated to focus on it, our mind will see it!

You have your facebook aren't you? Have you noticed that people that makes negative comments most of the time will continue to make a series of negative comments. Vice versa.