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Leadership Enhancement and Advancement Program
Leadership is not about a template that everyone should follow. Each and everyone is unique and this uniqueness makes the difference in every individuals. The fundamentals of leadership is knowing themselves and people surround them so that they can take advantage of their strength and leverage the weakness with others so that they can create a better environment. Great environment will encourage others to take up leadership roles to make things happen for everyone.

Colored Brain Communication for Organizational Effectiveness
Human Brain is wired differently and they see things differently. Your brain color will effect the way you communicate and by understanding the genetic pattern of brain color, you can understand how people see things differently and how you can take advantage to communicate effectively with different colors. This will then will benefits you in terms of Personal Development, Better Team Work, Increase Productivity and Conflict Resolution.

The Dynamic Presentation Skills
A person can have the greatest idea in the world but if that person can't convince enough other people, it does not matter. Either it is a business idea, proposal to the management or convincing your other colleagues, effective presentation skills will determine the result of your message. This course is designed to address a few key things the greatest presenter have in common and how you can take your very next presentation to the next level with confidence and charisma.

The Art of Selecting the Right People
During interview, people can tell anything about themselves even things which is not true. But how do we avoid the mistake of hiring the wrong people that don't fit or having difficulties to a job function. This course will introduce tools and techniques to understand human psychology through their work process, what really motivates them and what are the problems that they can cause in your organization. By understanding human psychology, you could be able to eliminate the cost of recruiting the wrong people to your organization.

Understanding Gen-Y from Gen-Y Perspective
Gen-Y is different from the other generations. They are label difficult to work with and demanding on their jobs. An organization can choose to understand them or to ignore them. But the fact is, this generation will becoming the future leaders in any organization. Ignoring them will give a huge impact to your organization. The course will introduce to you why Gen-Y is different and how the see the world from their perspective. By understanding them, you can take advantage on how you can retain them and get the best out of them.

Leadership 2.0: The New Generation Leadership
Gen-Y will be the next generation of leaders. While the world is changing, most leadership gurus are teaching the old leadership skills that might not be suitable for the next generation. Leadership 2.0 is where leaders of the future will be introduced and how people can harness their very best, because leadership is no longer about position, it is about passion. Understanding your passion and what will drive you will make

The Persuasive Leaders: The Science of Persuasive Communication
Great leaders are great communicators. They are able to persuade people to see their views. There is science in persuasion and everyone who understand the science can persuade and make an impact.

The Innovative Leadership: Unleashing Organizational Creativity
The leaders of the past is talking about good management practice, quality and productivity. But the world is changing rapidly. Today, leaders are talking about innovation and how we can add value to the marketplace. This course is designed to harnessing the creativity culture in your organization.

Psychology of Success
Unclear direction in live will make someone heading nowhere. They might listen to people to provide direction and to tell them what is good for them. By the time they realize where they want to be, it might be too late. Understanding oneself and their greater purpose in life is essential at the early stage of their live. This course is designed for University Students on understanding themselves so that they could take advantage on their winning edge and setting a clear direction on what they are going to achieve in their life.

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