Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Power of Imagination: Why Companies Should Reward on Imagination.

The World is Changing

In the 90's people always talk about Productivity and Quality. These were the drivers at that time and there were a lot of activities to encourage people to be productive at the same time produce the best quality. Hence, quality and productivity is the famous mantra then. To ensure this, the government took an initiative and establish the National Productivity Corporation (NPC now known as MPC or Malaysian Productivity Corporation) and they produce activities such as QCC (Quality Control Circle).

Now, people no longer stress into productivity and quality. That is already becoming commodity and it is consider something which you must do. But people started to look into new thing which is Innovation. To fuel this the Government setup an Agency called AIM (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia or Malaysian Innovation Agency). The QCC activity has been rebrand to ICC (Innovative and Creative Circle). Everyone now is talking about innovation. Those who want to compete in the market now need this ever than before.

But Innovation is the end result. If you produce something innovative, then only you can consider yourself innovative. But how can we become innovative? How do we cultivate innovative environment?

Watch this video below