Colored Brain

Have you ever tried to communicate, by giving a clear instruction and you friend seems don't get the point that you were trying to convey?

Have you ever tried to convince your boss by giving an excellent ideas and your boss don't agree with it, and suggested another idea that does not make sense to you?

Have you ever in school, have a friend that does not study on a subject, just by listening to the teacher he can answered all the questions during the exam, while you don't understand anything from the same teacher?

Chances are, you have different Colored Brain with them!


By identifying the way that you and others genetically process the information, you might have a better strategy in communication. This might benefit:
  • Communicate better as a leader and to manage your boss
  • Handle relationship with your partner and spouse
  • Leverage on the strength of your team member
  • Better handle conflict in relationship and workplace
  • Sell better to your prospect
  • Understand yourself better and get more fulfillment in what you do
There are 4 types of Colored Brain which are:

The Green Brain
See the big 'fuzzy' picture and everything is not connected. Take action with little information and learn as they go along.

The Red Brain
Structured thinking process and analyze information that they received. Need clarity when making decision.

The Blue Brain 
The intuitive thinking process and sensitive to the environment. Using the intuitive feeling when making decision.

The Purple Brain
Relational thinking process - everything is related and they go into every details. Need a lot of information before making any decision.

Colored Brain is not about personality - it is the way that brain process the information around them!

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